How it works

BACKGROUND LAYER African grasslands and typical African toned sand, is blurred into the background or our pattern which helps you blend into dry arid winter grassland and savanna zones perfectly.
MIDGROUND LAYER We are often stalking in the canopy of thorn trees. Our aim is to have the confidence to become one with our surroundings. Sekelbos bark on our pattern is rough like nature and colours vary from medium brown to almost black in the shadows with contrast of white and grey moss on the bark. These dark and light tones are critical in creating contrast which creates visual confusion making you unrecognisable to your prey.
FOREGROUND LAYER The pattern consists of high definition Sekelbos and acacia thorns, dried out Sekelbos pods and perfectly sized Sekelbos leaves. We took great care to ensure the green Sekelbos leaves in our pattern adds to mid seasonal tones, which allows the hunter to disappear into these thorny environments but at the same time the effect is a dry winter brown pattern with minimal green tones.